A Demonstration of Filters in Image Processing

Photo by Jacob Owens on Unsplash

Images are Numpy arrays

Figure 1. Randomly Generated Numpy Array
Figure 2. Image of Generated Numpy Array
Figure 3. Sliced Portion after being replaced with zero
Figure 4. Sliced Portion after being replaced with 255

Filters are operations performed on images.


Figure 5. Examples of Kernels


Figure 6. Convolution Operation
Figure 7. Mathematical Formular for Convolution
Figure 8. Image & Kernel Matrices
Figure 9. Convolution Computation
Figure 10. Convolution Computation
Figure 11. Output Matrix from Scipy’s Convolution Function
Figure 12. Blurring Effect of the Mean Kernel
Figure 13. Mean and Gaussian Kernel Effects
Figure 14.Identity Kernel Effect
Figure 15. Edge-detection Kernel Effect
Figure 16. Sharpen Kernel Effect
Figure 17. Gaussian Kernel Effect
Figure 18. Tweaked Identity Kernel Effect



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